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Science and the Afterlife and new paradigm science

  • : Circle of the Silver Cord is unique in the world to-day. Why? Every week, a group of open minded searchers meet in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to participate in materialization experiments. We discuss topical issues mainly to do with the afterlife, the environment and other critical issues that are of urgent relevance to the world to-day. William is the afterlife convener of the materializations experiments and David Thompson is the materialization medium - he is one of the three 'physical' mediums in the West to-day we know of.
  • International Survivalist Society (ISS): The ISS the first and only website to include so much work by the pioneers of survival research. Contains many downloadable copies of hard-to-find and valuable survivalist material. An invaluable research tool for both lay-persons and professionals.
  • The Paranormal: The Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness. by Jessica Utts and Brian D. Josephson. Two outstanding scientists ask: "What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope."

  • The Scientific and Medical Network is a leading international forum for people engaged in creating a new worldview for the 21st Century. Its mission is:
    * To challenge the adequacy of scientific materialism as an exclusive basis for knowledge and values.
    * To provide a safe forum for the critical and open minded discussion of ideas that go beyond the reductionist paradigm.
    * To integrate intuitive insights with rational analysis.
    * To encourage a respect for Earth and Community which emphasises a spiritual and holistic approach.
  • Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram
    Dr Edgar Mitchell, former lunar astronaut, is the founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences located in Sausalito, Calif. In this article he claims that the case for mind/mind and mind/matter interactions is impressively well documented over many decades with staggering probabilities against chance having produced the results. He claims that the discovery of the non-local quantum hologram, which is theoretically sound and experimentally validated in at least one application, suggests a major paradigm change must be forthcoming.
  • Dr Charles Tart's Homepage
    Charles is internationally known for his psychological work on the nature of consciousness (particularly altered states of consciousness), as one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology, and for his research in scientific parapsychology. His page contains many excellent papers, academic articles and some great links on science and spirituality.

  • University of Arizona Center for Consciousness Studies
    The Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona was formed in 1998 with a seed grant from the Fetzer Institute. The Center is a unique institution whose aim is to bring together the perspectives of philosophy, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, the social sciences, medicine, and the physical sciences, the arts and humanities, to move toward an integrated understanding of human consciousness
  • Quantum Mind 2000
    Can the consciousness survive death? A collection of useful links about science and spirituality.
  • Enlightenment In Our Time
    An article by Dr Lonny J. Brown which begins with Gary Zukav's quotation "The philosophy of physics is becoming indistinguishable from the philosophy of Buddhism, which is the philosophy of Enlightenment" and explores these ideas further.
  • Why Would A Scientist Pray?
    From a research paper entitled "The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities" by Jane Katra and Russell Targ. Targ is presently a senior staff scientist at the Lockheed Martin Research and Development Laboratory pursuing the peaceful application of lasers for remote sensing of the wind. He was also a co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) remote-viewing ESP program. Following a diagnosis of cancer he began a journey of spiritual enquiry and personal healing which led him to understand the teachings of oneness contained in new paradigm science.

  • Jeffrey Mishlove
    This site compiled by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD explores the idea that "We are living at a unique historical moment, a time when the old divisions between matter and spirit are giving way to a new, unified vision." Included on the site in full is his excellent book The Roots of Consciousness a very comprehensive and well-referenced book which details the work of many of the pioneers of psychic science and explores many of the ideas contained in this site.
  • Nature of the Greater Reality
    Dr R. Craig Hogan's wonderful site introduces many of the ideas of new science in a simple way.

  • Alternative Cosmologies and Altered States
    Stanislav Grof's talk given at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference "The Sacred Source: Life, Death, and the Survival of Consciousness", Chicago, Illinois, July 15-17, 1994. Argues for an entirely new understanding of the nature of consciousness, its role in the universal scheme of things, and its relationship to matter and, more specifically, the brain.

  • Consciousness and Quantum Reality- an interview by Jeffrey Mishlove with Nick Herbert (Phd) author of the book Quantum Reality.

  • A Changing World View by Willis W Harman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Postualtes an ontological stance of the universe as holarchy which appears to have great promise as the basis for an extended science in which consciousness-related phenomena are no longer anomalies, but keys to a deeper understanding.

  • Dr Fred Alan Wolf- Quantum physicist extraordinare. Proposes the existence of many alternative dimensions.

Contacting other dimensions electronically - EVP and ITC
  • World ITC
    According to this website by leading ITC researcher Mark Macy, psychic research laboratories in America and Europe are reporting extended, two-way communication with spirit colleagues through telephones, fax machines, radios and computers almost daily. They are receiving video images on their television sets showing people and places in the spirit worlds. This site also contains instructions for those wishing to conduct their own experiments.

  • National Association of Transcommunication - Brazil
    Another leading afterlife researcher is Sonia Rinaldi who leads the biggest ITC association in Brazil with nearly 700 members. She recently announced new contacts received via computer, answering machine, telephone and video camera. At public meetings in Brazil and in the United States large numbers of members and visitors were able to receive direct answers from loved ones in the spirit world. Up-to-date information on her research can be found on this website in English.

  • American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena
    Network with thousands of American electronic voice experimenters who claim to be contacting deceased loved ones using a tape recorder. On this site you can hear examples of EVP tapes, obtain many practical tips and suggestions on how to begin your own experiments and join e-groups etc.

  • German Association for Transcommunication Research
    This is another site where thousands of European EVP researchers gather to network and exchange findings. It contains samples of voices, articles and personal experiences of experimenters. The site can be read in English.
    In his work as a Christian Uniting Church minister/grief counselor Rob Smith believes he developed a receptivity to receiving contacts from the ethereal realms. When he began to investigate the afterlife using EVP he quickly got results and had identifiable contacts from his mother, his grandfather and maternal grandmother. Since that time (1988) Rob has done great work exploring empirical evidence for the afterlife. Read Rob’s story and check out his new website which has lots of great material.
  • Raymond Cass Foundation. Raymond was a UK pioneer in EVP. His Foundation's site shows the work Raymond carried out and the results he achieved. It endeavors to further his work by carrying out yet more experiments and publishing the results. The foundation's patron is Raymond's wife 'Edith Cass'. The foundation is self funded and non profit. An excellent resource.

  • International Scientific Association for Research into Transcendental Objective Phenomena. I.S.A.R.T.O.P. -
    A research and educational organisation started by Dr. Emanuel A. Toriello in 1989 under the auspices of the UN. Its roots were planted, initially, when Dr. Toriello became involved with the EVP research project of Marcello Bacci, at Grosseto in Italy . The Direct Radio Voices, received for many years by Bacci at his laboratory, have been studied and researched extensively by prominent scientists from all over the world, whose conclusions as to the humanitarian value of the voices and their ultimate source have proved to be extremely positive.

  • EvpVoices The website of Melissa, Mandy, Charlotte, and Greg (from, all of north-central Missouri. "We are a group of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) researchers who are happy to share with you the amazing phenomena we have experienced. I, Melissa, am the owner of the website and will be your hostess while you are here visiting. I will narrate our stories and explain what EVP is, with the group's help, too. We hope you enjoy what you are about to read and hear. It is truly amazing stuff!"

Scole experiments prove the afterlife
Mediums and mediumship
  • The Afterlife Experiments. Professor Gary Schwartz' detailed study on five top mediums.

  • The VERITAS Research Program of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona was created primarily to test the hypothesis that the consciousness (or identity) of a person survives physical death.

  • Helen Duncan's Official Website
    Helen Duncan was a materialisation medium who was imprisoned in England during the Second World War after she materialised a deceased sailor who revealed details of the sinking of a battleship which the authorities had tried to keep secret. Read the story of the campaign for her conviction to be overturned.

  • Paranormal Voices
    Hear tapes of deceased persons speaking in their own voices through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint.

  • George Anderson's Website
    George Anderson is a contemporary American medium who has been achieving some amazing results under controlled conditions in studies at the University of Arizona in which five mediums were tested conducting readings for the same clients and found to be consistently accurate well beyond chance or guessing. The full first study was published in the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research in England in January, 2000. For more information see Chapter 8 of the Book. This site, while very commercial, contains some excellent grief support material.

  • John Edward Website
    John Edward is another contemporary American medium who was tested and found to be accurate in the University of Arizona studies (see link description for George Anderson's Web Site).

  • Stephen O'Brien - Survival Evidence and Life After Death
    Stephen is a famous English medium and healer. His page contains a number of excellent examples of survival evidence obtained through mediumship and out-of-body experiences. It also contains some of the spiritual teachings that he has been given as well as an excellent page of links to grief support organisations.

  • The Arthur Findlay College
    Located in Stanstead, England, the College is a centre for studies of psychic science. Students can study Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfoldment and kindred disciplines. Courses, lectures and demonstrations are all offered by leading exponents on a weekly basis, together with the additional features of a library, museum, lake, magnificent grounds, recreational facilities and well-appointed accommodation.

  • Spiritwritings Full text e-books
    Tim Ryan has made available to the world an incredible collection of 200 rare out of copyright books on the subject of communications from the spirit side (the actual words from spirit) or the process of how to do it. He has an excellent section on Meduiumship and Mediums (40 full text books) and another on Spiritualist and Anti-spiritualist Readings. An outstanding collection.

  • Laurie Campbell Medium. Laurie has been featured on HBO Life Afterlife with John Edward, George Anderson and Suzane Northrup, A&E Documentary Beyond Death, Discovery Channel Canada and CBS Women to Women. Laurie is currently working with the John E Mack Institude as a scientific research medium. Founding member and Director of Research Mediums Commitee, Human Energy Systems Laboratory, University of Arizona, Tucson. Laurie has been the subject of numerous research experiments. Laurie was born and raised in Southern California and now resides in Irvine, California USA.

  • Allison Dubois Medium. Allison is an outstanding contemporary medium who was tested and found to be genuine in the Afterlife Experiements.
  • Art Bosman's Etherical Books A superb collection of links and spiritualist classics in word and pdf format. Highlylights include all of the Anthony Borgia books, Thirty Years among the Dead, Arthur Findlay's Where Two Worlds Meet. Art also has a large collection of Leslie Flint tapes.

Out of body experiences and remote viewing
  • The Monroe Institute
    Robert Monroe has been experiencing and writing about Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) since 1958. His Institute in Virginia USA had trained thousands in his techniques.

  • Joseph McMoneagle's Remote Viewing
    This site by a leading remote viewer in the American military remote viewing program is one of the most comprehensive on the topic. It contains links to a number of academic and scholarly journal articles and papers by leaders in the field of remote viewing.

  • CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute
    Dr Puthoff was for many years the research manager of the CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing program at Stanford Research Institute. He presents the evidence that remote viewing has been conclusively shown to exist.

  • Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research
    Alex Tannous was an extremely gifted psychic. From 1968 until the time of his death in 1990 he was associated with the American Society of Psychical Research. During this time he served as the ASPR's leading "gifted" subject in many experiments. Alex also applied his talents to diagnosis and healing. Also documented by the ASPR are his powers of astro-projection, bilocation, ESP, psychometry, the Bergman test, and all of his past predictions. In addition, he demonstrated the ability to practice teleportation, faith-healing, communication with ghosts, solidifying light and projecting his thoughts on a screen.

  • International Academy of Consciousness
    Non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness. The site provides information on the organization's training courses, as well as articles on various topics and other resources.

Near Death Experiences, Deathbed Visions and Apparitions.
  • The University of Virginia School of Personality Studies
    The University of Virginia has been conducting pioneering research work on near-death experiences, out of body experiences and appartions. Experiencers are invited to submit their stories to researchers.

  • Dr Raymond Moody
    Dr Moody has been a leader in researching and reporting these experiences. This site features some of his books and contains detailed instructions on how to contact your own deceased loved ones using a specially built psychomanteum.

  • After-Death Communications
    Bill and Judy Guggenheim's page contains many contemporary accounts of after-death communications. Particularly useful for those who have recently lost loved ones.

  • Deathbed Visions
    Dr Carla Wills-Brandon is an author and counsellor who has made a detailed study of deathbed visions and has recently released a new book on the subject.

The Ouija Board and Poltergeists
  • The Museum of Talking Boards
    While there are plenty of sensationalist sites on the ouija board, this is one of the few to comprehensively review some the literature and to provide useful links and bibliography.

Answering the closed minded skeptics
  • Survival After Death - Campaign for Philosophical Freedom
    Michael Roll has been a long-time UK campaigner for study of the Afterlife to be treated as a branch of physics and for unbiased media reporting of afterlife research. His site contains many useful articles and links.

  • Debunking Pseudo-Skeptical Arguments Against
    Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena

    I strongly recommend Winston Wu's most impressive analysis and rebuttal of the most common arguments by pseudo-skeptics against paranormal and psychic phenomena. Mr Wu is an American scientist who is also a researcher and explorer of the paranormal, psychic phenomena, metaphysics, quantum physics, consciousness research, realms of higher consciousness and religion/philosophy.

  • Parapsychology and Personal Survival After Death
    A summary of ten arguments pointing strongly to personal survival after death - a very interesting parapsychology site.

  • Richard Milton's brilliant 'Alternative Science' is certainly worth a visit. He answers brilliantly a question about phony psychics Has a great description of a superb experiment on remote viewing puts forward a great expanded refutation of the skeptics dictionary and presents an excellent analysis of the debunking organization CSICOP and a great piece of the religion of Darwinism.
  • Materialization links Patrick McNamara's new website. Patrick is a materialization medium - very rarer mediumship these days:

What happens when we die?
  • Afterlife 101 Chapter 4
    Part of a comprehensive book-length description of the afterlife prepared by spirit guides, speaking through a medium specifically for publication on the Internet.

  • Frequently asked qustions answered by Bruce Moen, out of body traveller, on the basis of his personal experience.

  • Insights Into the Afterlife - 30 Questions and Answers on What to Expect
    Nora M. Spurgin was motivated to research this question when a dear friend was dying of cancer. Her findings are still relevant after many years.

  • Spiritist Society of Baltimore
    This site contains several books containing teachings by highly evolved spirits through many different mediums on the nature of the afterlife and other topics which together comprise the philosophy of Spiritism. The books were coordinated and edited by Allan Kardec. They are available in English as well as other languages and can be downloaded free of charge. For details of a newer translation of The Spirits Book which answers more than 1000 questions about life, death and the afterlife, and a summary see Afterlife 101.

  • Spiritist Group of New York
    Full-text versions of some classic books on the Afterlife including works by Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge, The Life Beyond The Veil By Rev. G. Vale Owen, and teachings given to the Reverend Stainton Moses.

  • Spiritwritings Full text e-books
    Tim Ryan has made available to the world an incredible collection of 200 full text books on the subject of communications from the spirit side (the actual words from spirit) or the process of how to do it. All of them are out of copywrite and many of them are rare out of print works by great spirits.Of particular interest to readers of this section are the books on
    Channeled Spirit Teachings
    Future Life in the Spirit World

  • ‘PARANORMAL’(name of the magazine)– best glossy paranormal magazine available in good newsagents shops in English speaking countries – U.S., UK. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. In issue number 20, 2007 on page 32 there is a FOUR page interview with Victor. plus much more...
  • THE PSYCHIC TIMES The Psychic Times online newspaper will provide you with up-to-the-minute news, articles, interviews and information on near death experiences, psychic phenomenon, paranormal activity, and proof of life after death. Listen to our
  • The Halls of Reiki
    Website of Reiki Master Ed Bacon, Lake Ridge, Virginia U.S.A.
    Member of volunteer distant healing network
  • PARANORAL ARTICLES: A journalist with the Daily Mail, a national newspaper in the UK with a circulation of around three million. Danny Penman writes extensively on the paranormal and often covers the scientific angles too. The site is
  • White Feather - Spiritual teachings from the afterlife by an advanced teacher
  • Carol Everett Consultant Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer & Psychic
    Documented in TV and Radio including 'Sightings', 'Beyond' Chance & others.
  • Australian Spiritual Association Australia's largest Spiritualist and related Spiritual Organisation Since 1990 / ABN 74 875 781 278 / Incorporated in NSW No. Y14316-43 Phone/Fax 1300.880.675 / Email
  • Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt - author of 'SEANCES WITH GOD': This is a fascinating book on spirits and mediums throughout the ages from the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, - 12th to the 18th centuries and beyond. Ancient Shamanism. For more details ( including CONTENTS) and where to obtain this very important book -
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