Death and the Afterlife




First of all you must understand that when your loved ones pass on they would have been met by their own loved ones who had passed on before them. This is to assist them in the transition to the afterlife.

If they were very ill or unconscious for a long time, they still would have been met but then they would be taken to a very special place where they would be taken care of and have a ‘rest period’ to detach themselves from the illnesses they had on earth to adjust to the new wonderful environment.

If they had the afterlife information, they could have had a ‘conscious transition’ which meant they would have seen all those who were around them when they died.

If there were ‘heart to heart’ connection – as you indicated there was, then when their mental faculties are back to normal, yes, with absolute certainty they will be back to visit their loved ones on earth – that is the law: physical death does NOT sever the love connection. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Life is but for a just short time, but love is forever!

Do NOT grieve – that would make it very hard on those in the spirit world. Grief is not positive energy – yes do let them go BUT continue to express your love for them – they will receive the love because they are still alive and because our minds are just like live radio stations – we’re sending vibrations everytime we concentrate on our loved ones and when we send them our love.

We feel the love from our loved ones when they send their love to us. Without exception, all humans will make the transition to the spirit world and without exception physical death cannot sever the heart to heart love link. That is guaranteed!


Victor Zammit