Death and the Afterlife

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do you think the evidence for the afterlife is 'objective'?

Answer: I equate 'objective' evidence with 'scientific' evidence. When a formula can be duplicated over time and space and you get the same results, that is being objective or scientific. In the book I mention EVP, Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and some twenty other psychic phenomena including mediumship, out of body experiences and near death experiences in which, when variables are held constant, the same results are achieved.

Q2. Ought not the proven historical religious argument be more persuasive than the information you have in your book?

Answer: No. This is because traditional religion is purely subjective not scientific. For example, no one can use science to prove that Jesus died for the ungodly. It is universally accepted that anything 'subjective' is itself subject to fundamental errors and to complete invalidation that is why we have many different religions all claiming they have the 'truth.' Further, with subjectivity you can never ever have legitimate, objective 'authority.' Evidence for the afterlife is now irretrievably objective. Whenever there is an inconsistency between science and religion, inevitably, science prevails, and will always prevail. The classic example is the case of Galileo a conflict between science and theology. Theology inexorably had to give way to science.

Q3. Surely, you cannot argue against what is in the Bible!

Answer: If you read all the evidence I presented you would have to agree that in fact psychic researchers are giving scientific evidence for the existence of the afterlife. It seems that conditions in the afterlife are not 'standard' - i.e., there are gradations from the lowest sphere to the highest. It is not unreasonable to state that this is consistent with the Christian notion of hell and purgatory (for the Catholics - the medium lower sphere) and the upper spheres which can rightly be called 'heaven.' But while there are darker, lower spheres, there is no such thing as 'eternal hellfire' that was a concoction by an unscrupulous ecclesiastic Biblical translators.

Q4. You said there is no such thing as eternal hellfire - you're wrong. The Bible says there is.

Answer: You will find the English translation talking about 'eternal hellfire' but NOT the original Greek version. Deal with the original not the translations. For too many centuries Christians were deliberately misled about eternal damnation. Some devious Church writer deliberately and intentionally mistranslated a critical word- 'eon.' You will find that whenever 'eon' immediately preceded punishment in the Bible such as hell, this Church translator erroneously and knowingly mistranslated eon to mean 'eternal.' And elsewhere, whenever the same word eon was used, the translator used eon to mean what it truly means, 'a period of time' - in the time of Jesus it was 100 years. Check for yourself. This wilful mistranslation was a deliberate policy by the Church to create unnecessary fear - see a very detailed explanation of this and other deliberate Biblical mistranslations in Communication with the Spirit World of God by J Greber p.377.

Q5. Is your research religious?

Answer: No, my research is scientific - NOT religious. As I stated in my book, science is objective. This means that if I give you a formula and this formula is used over time and in different countries and from this formula you get the same results - then that is scientific, that is being objective. Religion is subjective; it is personal beliefs unsupported by science. But whenever there is an inconsistency between science and theology, inevitably, science prevails. I give you every right to your personal beliefs - it is a fundamental right. But go to my Chapter 1 Opening Statement for more details.

Q6. Is skepticism scientific?

Answer: Skepticism is NOT scientific! Skepticism, like religion cannot be independently substantiated. A skeptic may say, "I believe in nothing - but I cannot prove that." This is because skepticism is subjective - anything subjective is subject to complete invalidation. For more information I refer you to my OPENING STATEMENT which is chapter 1 in my book.

Q7. Why is it that some academics do not agree about the existence of the afterlife or about psychic phenomena.

Answer: Yes, a few academics make it a career to be against anything related to psychic phenomena. But there are many academics allow for the existence of psychic phenomena (psi). They do this to get promotion because they know that some university sponsors are materialistic. So these academics become subservient to the sponsors values' and keep obtaining negative results in psi.

Q8. Why is it that highly educated academics continue to obtain negative results?

Answer: First, if a professor does not do any research about psychic phenomena, that professor will be ignorant about psychic phenomena and will not have the authority to make any comments on psi. Secondly, there is an experimental term called, "the intruding negative variable.' This means that when an academic experimenter or anybody else who has a track record of negativity, the academic experimenter actually influences the results to become negative. Empirical evidence, in quantum physics validates this observation. This is one of the grounds I cited why any applicant who wants to apply for the skeptics alleged offer can never beat the skeptics' challenge - see my article on why it is impossible to win the skeptics' money offer - click on SKEPTICS on the home page.

Q9. So you believe in the afterlife?

Victor: I do not particularly believe in the afterlife. I accept the evidence for the afterlife. I do not have the luxury of beliefs because beliefs are personal, are subjective, are not empirical, are not scientific. And any personal belief, any subjective belief is itself subject to complete invalidation. In other words, I accept the twenty three areas of empirical evidence for the afterlife I researched – see my book on the Net – .

Q10. How certain, how sure are you that the afterlife exists?

V. Absolutely certain! I am absolutely sure, I am one hundred per cent certain that when we humans physically die, we cross over to the afterlife but our duplicate etheric body – the spirit body - continues to exist. As I said, this is not based on a belief or wishful thinking or religion or superstition. My acceptance of the afterlife is primarily based on my own experiences and the empirical, objective evidence.

Q11. What is this acceptance of the afterlife then based on?

V: The most persuasive evidence is my own experience of entities communicating with me through telepathy. I am clairaudient – I can hear spirit voices telepathically – clairaudient experiences I’ve had for the last sixteen years. In addition, there are powerful afterlife experiment and studies by world famous scientists – see second chapter of my book about these scientists. There are also others I know and trust who informed me that they had similar afterlife experiences …

Q12. Why is it that many people do not accept there is an afterlife?

V. That’s very easily explained. These skeptics you mentioned have not done any research on the paranormal. As a matter of fact closed minded skeptics and debunkers do not read paranormal information which gives them huge anxiety if they have to read it. So they don’t. There are of course the professional hard core skeptics with an irretrievably closed mind who are on a crusade against those who present the evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal. For the open-minded person, there is more than enough evidence to convince them that the afterlife and the paranormal exist.

Q13. What do you say to the reports that there is a lot of inconsistent information coming from the otherside through mediums?

V. That’s not difficult to explain. This is like getting general information from a 10 year old and someone with a university degree. In the afterlife there are different realms from the lowest vibrating realm to the highest. The lowest realm, the lower end of the Astral level is dark with very low vibrations – some religionists people call ‘hell.’ Then the realm of the light is usually the third level where most decent folk end up after their life on earth.

Q14. Do you accept that people on earth will eventually meet their loved ones who passed on?

V. Where there is a heart to heart link, it is guaranteed that there will be a reunion when the one on earth eventually crosses over to the afterlife dimension. Highly credible information from the afterlife repeatedly stated that. Love we are informed is the most powerful force in the universe – and physical death can never sever the heart to heart link, never. However, there are exceptions.

Q15. What exceptions?

V.If a person is consistently cruel, selfish and even brutal, the soul’s vibrations are automatically reduced. This kind of a person is likely to have a fairly rough time on crossing over because a person with low vibrations is automatically pulled down to the realm of the same low vibrations to accommodate the same vibrations. There is no St Peter, no Pearly Gates, no one there to judge you. You judge yourself by the level of accumulated vibrations you gained throughout your life on physical earth.

Q16. But aren’t there many so called psychics who deceive the public?

V. Frauds you get everywhere because of the human condition. But let me qualify that: there are people who are not psychic and are not who they claim they are - and try to fleece the public of their hard earned income. That is unfair. That is unjust. That is criminal. Then you get the second class of people who are a little bit psychically gifted. But unless they are accurate they should not take any money from the public. The pure gold, as I mentioned earlier, is where you have spiritually advanced and psychically gifted mediums – they are not easy to access, sometimes impossible to find.

Q17. What’s your final message?

I put it very simply: in the overall scheme of things time on earth is very short. Inevitably we – rich or poor, black and white - all have to cross over. Understand what you must do to obtain higher vibrations – higher spirituality. The more you get to know about the afterlife the easier the transition will be from physical planet earth to the afterlife dimension: that’s guaranteed!