Death and the Afterlife

Death and the Afterlife


Scientific Evidence that THERE IS NO DEATH

Opening statement
Respected scientists who investigated death
Voices on Tape (EVP)Communicating with the afterlife
Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)
Near Death Experiences (NDEs)
Out of Body Experiences
Scole Experiment proves the afterlife
Einstein’s E=mc2 and materialization
Materialization Mediumship
Helen Duncan
Psychic laboratory experiments
Scientific observation of mediums
The most investigated medium ever
Direct voice mediums contact the afterlife
The Cross Correspondences solve the death mysery
Proxy sittings refute the allegation of mind reading
Remote Viewing
After death contacts
Deathbed visions
The Ouija Boardand - after death communication
Xenoglossy- communication from the afterlife?
Poltergeists - mischief from the afterlife
Reincarnation - back from the dead
Quantum Physics and the Afterlife
Lawyers who were convinced by the afterlife evidence
Answering the closed-minded skeptics on death
Closing statement: summing up the objective evidence for the afterlife


The Book - A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife by Victor Zammit

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